Permanent Self-Disinfecting
Antimicrobial Coating

Airdal powered by
Liquid Guard Technology

German Innovation
Award Winner 2019

AIRDAL protects
what matters the most:
your health and well-being.


AIRDAL is a visionary health protection system making air travel safer for passenger and crew. Once applied it forms a long-lasting wear resistant, ultra-thin layer of 100% transparent amorphous glass. The certified and proven antimicrobial and antifungal effect lasts 12 months. It gives the passengers and the crew the relief of travelling in an almost aseptic and very clean environment. AIRDAL reduces surface energy. Molybsan technology facilitates the removal of dirt and biological deposits as well as soap residue and inorganic dirt. A unique GLIDE function ensures, that at any abrasive contact materials glide over the treated surface and leave fewer traces.

  • 12 months anti-microbial
  • Surface protection
  • Dermatologically approved
  • Boeing approved


Through wet wipe application, Airdal preserves and retains the value of any item.

Safe anti-bacterial

Safe anti-bacterial function - presence can be verified using a marker

Prevents odors

Prevents odors caused by microbial infestation


Provides permanent fungicidal function

Defending mites

Deprives house dust mites food

Prevents mold

Prevents mold growth on smooth and textured surfaces

Mechanical protection

Glass coating improves the friction coefficient.


How it works

Step 1

The surface is first cleaned and polymerized.


Step 2

A non-migrating antimicrobial glass layer is created.


Step 3

The silica delivers a permanent antimicrobial function.

Stainless steel

Varnished surfaces


Input devices

High infection areas

Sanitary surfaces

Technical Specifications

  • Chemical basis

    Modified silicon dioxide

  • Layer thickness

    ca. 150-300 nm

  • Water-repellent

    Slightly hydrophobic

  • Temp. stability

    150 degree Celsius

  • Weatherproof

    2000h (ISO 11507 A)

  • Storable

    1 year

  • Temp. sensitivity

    3 - 40 degree Celsius

  • Wastage

    2 wipes for up to 3 sqm

Airdal powered by
Liquid Guard Technology

German Innovation
Award Winner 2019